Sound Maps
Tom Whitwell

April 13–17, 2024

An Album in One Week: Graphic scores in Cornwall's quiet

The Basics

  • Five nights accommodation in Cornwall.
  • Four full days of teaching, workshops, discussions and activities.
  • All inclusive - breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks included (all dietary requirements catered for).

The Highlights

  • Work and learn with Tom Whitwell in Cornwall.
  • Create your own work in response to the Cornish landscape and with support and guidance from Tom.
  • Optional outings to walk, swim & explore the Cornish coastline.

Residency Lead

Tom Whitwell: A former journalist and magazine editor (Mixmag & The Face), Tom designs open source music electronics as Music Thing Modular and is and is objectively interesting (according to the book Do Interesting - Notice. Collect. Share). Tom also writes fascinating lists on the internet: 52 things Tom Learned in 2023

In a recent freewheeling conversation about nearly everything with Mylar Melodies on his Why We Bleep Podcast, Tom starts by discussing the use of constraints in music and some of his research in preparation for this residency – it’s well worth a watch/listen here.


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Join Tom Whitwell for this residential workshop combining graphic and text scores, improvisation, modular synths and other sound-making devices. We’ll collaboratively create an album in just one week, drawing inspiration from the beautiful Cornish landscape that surrounds us.

During this immersive residency we’ll use computer-generated indeterminate scores. Tom will guide us as we craft and customise these scores together. Each participant will actively contribute to the development of their unique score, generated from a shared 'score engine.'

Interpreting and performing these scores should be fun and lead to numerous happy accidents. They can act as an inspiration, a rulebook, a jumping-off point or just something to ignore. We’ll use them to create new collaborative works that embrace creative constraints. Tom’s done this before, recording an album in a single evening using a small modular setup to interpret text scores generated by a simple Python script.

Throughout the workshop, we'll draw inspiration from alternative music notation and the pioneering work of figures like John Cage, Bob Cobbing, David Tudor, and Pauline Oliveros. Our week together will include field recording outings to gather sound sources and ideas, and the creation of scores influenced by the natural elements of Cornwall. You're encouraged to bring your sound sources if you wish (shoebox-sized or smaller). Tom will bring a number of his own small modular systems to work with.

By the end of our exploration, participants will discover innovative ways to create tangible and unconventional musical scores, understand sound processing through Eurorack modular synthesis, and collaboratively craft a full album of new works.

This workshop offers a unique opportunity for both experienced modular synth enthusiasts and newcomers alike to explore sound creation, find inspiration in nature, and experiment with generative notation techniques.

“If the supply chain gods smile on us – we’ll be trying out a big new thing from Music Thing Modular that I’ve been designing for 4 months/40 years.” - Tom

Sold Out

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Room Types

Shared Room: (SOLD OUT)
Shared with up to 3 other guests, this quaint and cosy space provides each guest with their own alcove area. Each alcove is equipped with a comfy single bed, a side table, and a reading light. The overall atmosphere is light and airy, and you also have your own storage space. This setup is ideal for solo travellers or those attending the retreat with a friend.

Shared Twin: (SOLD OUT)
A beautiful room designed for two guests, featuring 2 Twin Beds, clothes hanging space, a dressing table, drawers, and a comfy reading chair. This room is perfect for pairs traveling together. Limited availability.

Private King: (SOLD OUT)
A luxurious private king sized bed room, designed for a single guest, offering a large and cosy King Sized bed, clothes hanging space, a dressing table, drawers, and a comfortable reading chair. It's the ideal choice for guests seeking more privacy and space during the retreat.


Dyski: Pronounced [dɪski], a Cornish Verb which means to learn, or to teach.

Creative residential workshops in Cornwall with a focus on immersive, experimental & place-based learning.

We offer cutting-edge immersive workshops that nurture creativity, emphasising community support and giving back. Each Dyski workshop includes two grants, designed to assist those who may need financial support to attend. One grant is available to Cornwall residents, and the other is open to anyone else.